Assistance with best setup for multiple listing relationships.

I am creating a website that includes, venues in a specific state and I want to list all musical performers appearing in the state.

I tried many themes and plugins and decided to try and create it myself using:

Elementor Pro, ACF Pro, Anywhere Elementor Pro, Ele Custom Skin & CPT UI.

My question lies in the relationships and delivery.

I would like to have someone be able to click on a venue and have it list all upcoming shows by performer as well as have a listing for each performer and for the performer listing have it list their upcoming shows and the associated venue.

I will then have a link a visitor can click to the external site to buy tickets.

Should I create unique Venue and Performer listings and somehow create the show info under the performer or create a 3rd unique listing just of the performance dates/times and create a relationship to the venue and performer?

Hope this make sense.

One site I found that does this well is: I reached out to the developer to see what it would cost for the theme structure they created, but havent received a response yet.

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