Is it possible to define your Global Colors as a function?

Hey! It's my first post here but I'm a long-time Elementor user. I have a question and it's a technical one, related to extending the global color functionality within Elementor.

There are about 50 colors I need to add to Elementor's Global Colors. I've added most using the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress but can I do the same thing by using a filter? If I can define or add my global colors in the functions.php file that would be amazing. I just can't find the docs or examples to do that. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Bonus question: I'm also interested in how the order of those global colors is handled. There is a particular order I'd like or even alphabetical. If sorting options are available through a filter as well, that would really make my day.

Written by Odikadoo

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