Pop ups: element not working on published page.

Hi all, I know there is a common problem with images not working once published, i've had this in the past but managed to solve it but turning off lazy load and clearing cache. However i'm having trouble with a text element showing up on a published pop up.

The text element is just shortcode for an ImageMapPro map, this shortcode works elsewhere on the website and page, but it just doesn't seem to like being in the pop up. Can't work out if this is an elementor issue or a ImageMapPro one.

Attached is what it looks like in preview, and what happens once live.

Page is here (not finished so excuse clunky design): and the pop up is activated via the view map button.

Can anyone offer any advice?


Live/Published Page

Pop ups: element not working on published page.

Written by Odikadoo

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