Only able to show 2 products per page in webshop

Hey, Elementor noob here.

So, I'm trying to build a webshop but I'm having some issues with my product page as it's only able to show two products per page on the live version of the site. Weird thing is, when I'm in the Elementor « Archive Products » theme builder it's showing up just fine with all my products on 1 page. I've tried some possible solutions which includes going into the theme customizer and change products per page, which just simply changes nothing, still only showing 2. I've tried changing themes to no avail and I've tried clearing my cache. I've included an image of how it looks in the theme builder which is how I want it to look and how it actually looks live. The display condition is set to « Shop page ».

Thanks in advance.

Only able to show 2 products per page in webshop

Written by Odikadoo

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