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Hi There,

I work in sound design for film tv and I'm trying to put together a website for a business venture with a partner. We'd like to display our portfolio with these elements in each:

  • Image of the movie poster
  • A small image of the client's logo with a link to their own webpage for the movie
  • A few sentences about what we did on the project
  • When someone views the portfolio and they click on the poster image or « View Trailer » then they are taken to the Vimeo or YT video trailer.

OK, so… I thought that this seemed a straight forward thing for someone that wants to learn Elementor like me. I used ACF and custom post types to set up the UI so we can easily add new projects as we complete them, but…

I must be choosing the wrong thing somewhere because when I click on the image then it treats it as a post and opens up a page that has been created for each item. I just want all of the projects to display nicely on a page and they link to Vimeo when clicked (not some post within my site).

Am I using the wrong plugins for this and is it even possible? It seems like a really easy thing in my head: images+words+plus off-page links that are displayed nicely but I can't understand how to do it so that we can also just use custom post types in order to easily add new projects in the back end!

Here's the page, no single element is finished yet so please forgive the shiteness of it so far!

Any help is greatly appreciated,


Written by Odikadoo

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