Elementor column height issue


I'm using elementor to create a fullscreen menu for my website. In the fullscreen menu there is :

  • a header (which is not part of the fullscreen menu)
  • a section with a nav menu and an inner section with two columns

I want to place the inner section at the bottom of the page while the nav menu stays in the middle of the page. In elementor, we can't set the vertical position of the inner section content individually from the parent section. Also, I don't understand why the section is full height but the column section isn't, as you can see here :

There is a little mistake here, the first purple column (of the main section) should include the inner section, sorry for the mistake

I could use padding or margin on the nav but when I tried it created responsive issues.

So I'm seing only two options here : Figuring a way for the fixed position not to show before the end of the animation or figuring why the column is not full height. (manually set 100vh on the column is breaking the display)

Any ideas ?

Elementor column height issue

Written by Odikadoo

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