Specify PHP file for File Upload within Elementor Form Widget?


Wondering if this is possible?

I notice that Elementor allows file uploads within the widget which is great because at the moment my file upload forms are created with basic html with a post action pointing to the PHP file that handles the uploads and then that uploads them to the CRM accordingly.

I'd really like it if I could migrate these into Elementor as that would keep everything streamline and make it easier for people to edit in the future but I don't see anywhere in the form options where it would allow you to set the path to the PHP handler script.

No doubt this has been asked before and a quick google search led to a page on the Elementor GH which hasn't been updated for months and it looks like it left a lot of people really confused.

If anyone has done this or knows of a way to do this without it being excessively complicated, I'd love to hear from you.


Written by Odikadoo

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