Redirecting users to URL fetched from a parameter in KickOffLabs API when they submit a form.

On website, when user enters the email and submit. I make an api call to kickofflabs api, and when I get response from it. It will contain a field named as redirect_url which contains a url and I need to redirect to that url. How can I achieve that?

I've never worked with APIs before, what I've tried so far:

  • I can maybe use Zapier for this by adding webhooks in form when user submits their email but zapier webhook integration is a premium feature which I can't afford for now.
  • I can add in request parameter and redirect users to the redirect_url parameter but the external API is not yet integrated on the website.
  • There's also a possiblity that I can use Action Post request to do this on elementor.

Can anyone please guide me about this?

Written by Odikadoo

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