Post Template with Elementor free version – What am I missing?

Hey, hope everyone has a great day.

I currently don't have the pro version of Elementor, and I want to create a custom template for my post pages.

Elementor free version doesn't offer this option -So I was thinking, why just don't create a regular « template », page template -And every time I create a new post, I will load the new template I created that is designed for post templates.

Yes, I won't have the features that Elementor pro offers – such as dynamic titles, authors, etc.

But it allows me to create a nice-looking template for my post pages, that I just need to modify a bit – it might need more work than just throw the content inside, but its better than stay with the theme template.

  1. Any disadvantage of doing this?
  2. I once been told that creating post pages with Elementor is not good if you want to change the website / etc – it will be a nightmare to migrate all the postsIs there any disadvantage to use Elementor for blog posts?
  3. If I created a « post » template with Elementor pro – So the post itself is actually stored in « Elementor« , not « Gutenberg » right?So when I create a template for posts I don't use the theme / Gutenberg but I am using Elementor to edit all my posts (which if what I was told in question 2 is correct, might be a problem, no?)

Hope I was being understood.Have a great day!

Written by Odikadoo

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