Directory for addon plugins on Elementor

Having browsed through Elementor Community group on Facebook and this thread on Reddit, I've noticed many users finding it hard to choose the right addon plugins to fit the purpose. Whether it's for a mega menu, form builders, post layouts etc.

I found this to be a problem myself so I've decided to put them together in a directory that can be easily navigated through. It's still in the works and of course would need to be constantly updated with more descriptions of each.

Would like to have your thoughts on this and how much you could potentially benefit from such a resource. And more importantly, would like to hear your suggestions for improvement.

Disclosure: Some of the links included within them are affiliate links.

Directory for addon plugins on Elementor

Written by Odikadoo

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Hi guys, is there a way to trigger elementor entrance animations by javascript? Like by adding a class or something. Thanks