Event booking with elementor

Before you read this, I've already looked at JetBooking, JetAppointment, and other Booking or Appointment plugins, but they are not the right type of system for the following:

I want to host physical educational courses on specific events where I set the event dates and times with a limited amount of « seats ».

I then want my visitors to be able to see my different events and be able to book one or more seats for the event.

But all plugins I see are where visitors are either able to dynamically choose a time slot and then I'm unavailable for others that want to book an appointment in the same time slot, or else it's booking systems suited for hotel rooms or the like, where each one booking takes up one « seat ».

Does any of you guys know of a plugin that fits my description and goes hand in hand with elementor? Please let me know if I should elaborate in more detail.

Written by Odikadoo

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