Presenting multiple PDFs with an easy way to add new ones.

I am looking for a way to present various brochures in PDF or EPUB format on my Elementor website. The backend should provide an easy way to add new brochures without the client having to go into Elementor first (I was thinking of ACF, but then I have to create a lot of custom fields there, and I'm not sure about the sorting, the latest brochure should be on top).

Edit: I also thought about posts, every brochure gets its own post in which you can get to the PDF, but then I would have to export the image of the post and the user would have to go from the overview to the post page before he can look at the PDF.

In the best case it looks like a picture gallery, with the first page of the PDF as a picture, click on it and the PDF opens in the browser and you can read it.

Written by Odikadoo

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