Help needed for responsive text columns, please.

Hi All,

I am putting together a page that shows credits for projects worked on. It''s an easy three-column layout of:Type Of Work / Project Name / Client

I went into this thinking this would be the easiest thing to do as it's just columns but of course, as the screen resizes, the lines in each column go out of synch so it's impossible to line them up.

I've attached a screenshot of the Google doc where I collected the data and I literally just need it to look like this across all screens (once I've resized the columns and text across mobile and iPad etc).

Is there a table widget or something like that, maybe like Excel, that keeps each line relative to the ones it needs to be? There must be something really obvious that I'm missing here, can anyone please help!

Thanks a lot!


Written by Odikadoo

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