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Lottie for toggle icon


Does anybody know how to use lottie animations in place of the the toggle icons for the Accordion and Toggle widgets in elementor pro?

Possible to insert template into mega menu?


Hey guys! I'm wondering whether it's possible to use a mega menu plug in to insert a template at the bottom of the menu for the calls to action like in this website:


My elementor Pro won’t work


I purchased elementor Pro lifetime duration. After activating the license it still does not work. Still on demo version.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance

json file won’t upload…


Hi, messing around with YouTube tutorials and json file template will not upload for some reason. I am on windows10 and chrome browser

How to create this mobile menu?


Hey guys! I came across this website and I really like their mobile menu. Does anyone know which add on plug in for menus can help you create the section at the bottom with the calls to action?

Essential Addons ignores site settings for lightbox?


So, EA for elementor has a “filterable gallery” element that allows lightbox for gallery images. Elementor has site settings that include settings for lightbox. Great. So it seems the EA filterable gallery just ignores or overrides elementor site settings for lightbox and uses its own lightbox format. Is it just me or is this kind of irritating? Is this common for elementor plugins, that the plugin ignores or overrides site settings?

Redirecting users to URL fetched from a parameter in KickOffLabs API when they submit a form.


On website, when user enters the email and submit. I make an api call to kickofflabs api, and when I get response from it. It will contain a field named as redirect_url which contains a url and I need to redirect to that url. How can I achieve that?

I've never worked with APIs before, what I've tried so far:

  • I can maybe use Zapier for this by adding webhooks in form when user submits their email but zapier webhook integration is a premium feature which I can't afford for now.
  • I can add in request parameter and redirect users to the redirect_url parameter but the external API is not yet integrated on the website.
  • There's also a possiblity that I can use Action Post request to do this on elementor.

Can anyone please guide me about this?

Does elementor allows me to add a background to a specific page?


I 've been looking for the option but couldnt find anything about it on the web.

Can someone please tell me if this is possible?

All global settings (fonts, colors etc.) have reset after updating the Elementor Plugin.


After updating to Elementor 3.0.14, all of the global settings are erased, resetting them to default. Is this a known bug in Elementor?
I'm using Elementor 3.0.14, Elementor Pro 3.0.7 and WordPress 5.5.3.
Tips/tricks or other information is/are very welcome!

Building a lead form with Elementor


Hi Guys,

I'm currently building a new website which I want to use to generate leads. I want to have a multi-step form with possibly some conditional questions in it. I have Elementor Pro and I was trying to build a form but ran into a few problems.

Basically I want to style the form buttons as follows:

Example (without the cirkles)

And upon clicking, I want the form to go to the next step (without clicking a next button, so the next button can be hidden).

Now this should be possible but it would take quite some css and javascript I suppose. I was wondering if Elementor forms would be the right tool for this? And if not, if anyone has good suggestions for a form builder that suits this job better?

Building a lead form with Elementor